Mod Metadata

Version 3 of Doki Doki Mod Manager introduced Mod Metadata. With this feature, mod authors can include information about their mod, such as a description or a link to a Discord server.


This is a demo of what users will see if you add metadata to your mod.

Metadata Demo

Getting Started

Metadata is added using a ddmm-mod.json file, which is distributed with your mod’s zip file.

The ddmm-mod.json file can be anywhere in your zip file, as long as there is no more than one. When the mod is installed, this file will be read.

Here is the basic structure of the file. Note that, if you wish to include quotes in a text field, you must escape them with a backslash (e.g. The character called \"Monika\")

    "name": "Name Here",
    "description": "Description Here",
    "author": "Author Here",
    "uses_sdk": true,
    "discord": "discordID",
    "website": "",
    "sayonika_id": "12345"


  • name - the name of your mod
  • description - a brief description of what your mod is about
  • author - the name of the author or authors
  • uses_sdk - true if your mod uses achievements, false if not
  • discord - An invite code for your Discord server (e.g. if your invite URL is, specify abc123)
  • website - The link to your mod’s website
  • sayonika_id - The ID of your mod on Sayonika (not currently used)

Integrating into your build process

If you want to use the DDLC Mod Template, download the latest development build. This way, when you choose the Create Distributions option in Ren’Py, the ddmm-mod.json file will be included in the build.